Client Services

Choose A Comprehensive Services Or Specialized Package

  • Access to an expert to guide and support you
  • Individualized guidance services prepared for you
  • Services designed and based upon your needs and preferences

Phase 1

  • Share Your Aspirations, Credentials, and Preferences
  • Identify Colleges That Fit You
  • Develop Strategies for Tests, Courses, Campus Visits, Enrichment Programs
  • Prepare for Admissions Tests
  • Build Resume + Interview Skills

Phase 2

  • Refine / Supplement the Colleges That Fit You
  • Prepare for Admission Tests
  • Develop Essays
  • Plan for Campus Visits

Phase 3

  • Complete Admissions Applications
  • Apply for Scholarships / Financial Aid
  • Apply for College Athletic Eligibility

Phase 4

  • Compare Admissions and Financial Aid Offers
  • Advise on College Courses, Housing + Campus Support
  • Develop a Plan for Degree Completion


Private guidance sessions are available at an hourly rate