Valerie Raines at a scenic mountainous view on her post-retirement travels.

I retired in 2023 after launching a strong and final cohort of high school seniors to colleges in the U.S. and abroad. I am grateful to the families and organizations who entrusted me with their students. My students taught me about issues they faced and gave me hope for our world. 

In my life, I benefitted from great educators and strong schools. My vision for VRaines Consulting was to help clients access great learning opportunities. Long before I started my business, I advised students and families pro bono in my communities. My earliest students now have college-age children. 

My future is focused on good health, travel, jazz festivals, caregiving, connecting with friends, and snuggling with little people. I am grateful to the following people and organizations that inspired, supported, and advised me:

Teachers and Educators

Anna Hooks, Bernice Wallace, Dorothy Hunter, Precious Lincoln, Terry Dornhecker, Mary Hotchkiss, Barbara Beasley, Andre’ Bell, Zina Jacque, Sterling Stuckey, Anne Seltzer, Jan Hersey, Peter Johnson, Kenneth Hale, and Wes Wilson. And to Mrs. Avery and Mrs. Johnson, librarians who kept me reading good books in my youth.

Business Advisors and Consultants

Jordan Bell, Caprice Bragg, Charles Burkett, Richard Day, Tony Macklin, Cecilia Render, Larry Thomas, Clarence Stallings, Amy Weller, John Palmer Smith, Gail Borkowski, Benjamin Barnett, Peter Stevens, Shukriyyah Atkins, George Pimentel, and Jacqueline McLemore.

Special Thanks

Several people helped me build my clientele, especially Dorothy Johnson, Melanie and Gregory Hall, Kellie and Quentin McCorvey, and Karen and Earle Horton. I am grateful to students and staff at Hershey Montessori School, Tri-C’s Saturday Family Academy, Laurel School, and Strengthening Our Students. Also, my family and friends supported me in the start-up, growth, pandemic, and expansion phases. They shared my aspirations and celebrated every success. This was my Dream Team!