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Speaking engagements are for organizations and groups needing current information and strategies about the topics below. Rates vary depending upon the group size and logistics.



Lessons on College Selection and Admission

  1. Selecting Good Colleges
  2. Visiting Campuses and Show Interest
  3. Preparing for College Entrance Exams
  4. Carefully Indicating Your Intended Majors
  5. Deadlines are Serious Business
  6. Embracing Globalization
  7. Maximizing Out-of-School Time
  8. College Graduation is the Bigger Goal

Lessons on Paying for Education

  1. Avoiding the Need for Extra Scholarships
  2. Expecting to Borrow
  3. Engaging in Pre-Application Financial Aid Activities
  4. Filing the FAFSA Online and On-Time
  5. Managing Your Variable Costs
  6. Getting Extra Credits for Less Money
  7. Understanding Satisfactory Academic Progress
  8. Staying On-Track to Graduate On-Time

Lessons on Earning Your 4-year Degree in 4 Years

  1. Knowing Your Graduation Date and Steering Toward It
  2. Behaviors of Successful College Students
  3. Effectively Managing Your Time and Independence
  4. Knowing How Academic Rules Can Help You
  5. Using Campus Resources Designed for You
  6. Carefully Exploring Major, Minor, and Degree Options
  7. Getting Extra Credits for Less Money
  8. Staying On-Track to Graduate On-Time